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Flagstaff offers a wide range of accommodations for its visitors, including hotels, Airbnbs, and bed and breakfasts. Traveling on a budget? There are several cheap hotels in Flagstaff for you to choose from. Looking for a more unique place to stay? Check out the many rural, cozy cabins located in the immediate area. Want to be in the middle of it all? Check out one of the downtown Flagstaff hotels. See below for a full list of Flagstaff hotels and other accommodations, and start planning your stay today!


The Flagstaff area especially downtown is host to many VRBO locations. With the silencing of the train horn downtown in 2012 the VRBO market has exploded. There are a variety to choose from for the price conscious to the luxurious. Often these accommodations include local discounts and insights.


The Flagstaff area especially downtown is host to many AirBNB locations. With the silencing of the train horn downtown in 2012 the AirBNB market has exploded. There are a variety to choose from for the price conscious to the luxurious. Often these accommodations include local discounts and insights.

KOA Minutes to us: 15 driving

Located on Highway 89 on the outside of Flagstaff the KOA is perfect if you are looking for a relaxing camp site in the forest with the amenities of modern camping. The pros of the KOA is the cleanliness and access to facilities. The con is the distance from downtown. If you are in a camper this is the best option if you are looking for facilities hookups.

Inn at 410 Minutes to us: 10 walking

The Inn at 410 is a high end bed and breakfast located directly in downtown Flagstaff. The property is beautiful and relaxing, the rooms are great, the food is good. With that being said the huge perk of this place is the proximity to downtown.

Embassy Suites Minutes to us: 5 driving

The Embassy Suites is along the lines of what you expect with the Embassy brand. The property is nice and the seasonal outdoor pool is an awesome perk if you are into it. The secret of the pros is the complimentary happy hour in the attached bar for hotel guests. Along with the free booze the major strength of the Embassy is the proximity to downtown Flagstaff.

Doubletree by Hilton Minutes to us: 5 driving

The Doubletree by Hilton is a large and beautiful facility. Along with the hotel there is a full bar, convention center, and teppanyaki restaurant. The outdoor seasonal pool and hot tub is awesome during the summer. When going downtown you want to catch an Uber for the 5 minute ride. It is possible to walk but it is farther than it looks and isn’t fun, well worth the ride.

Little America Minutes to us: 12 driving

Little America is a classical hotel set on a beautiful estate. The expansive wings and layout make the experience cool in itself. When you are in Little America you feel as though you are in a different place. Set in the ponderosa pines the pool and hot tub area can be heavenly during the summer months. There is an on site restaurant, bar, gift store, and gas station so everything you may need is most likely available on site. The one drawback is the distance to downtown, it’s about 12 minutes by car and well worth the Uber if visiting the many breweries in the downtown area.

Hotel Monte Vista Minutes to us: 2 walking

The Hotel Monte Vista is awesome! It is considered by many to be the most haunted spot in Arizona. Built in the 1920’s it has largely maintained the vibe over the years. Some of the rooms are Euro style with a shared bathroom in the hallway. The pro’s of the property include the funky vibe, the proximity to ghosts, and the fact that you are dead center of downtown. The cons include the age and wear of the rooms, the lack of amenities, and the idea that staying in the heart of downtown may not be the easiest place to get a good night sleep. We definitely recommend the Hotel Monte Vista but be ready for what you are getting.

Weatherford Hotel Minutes to us: 2 walking

The Weatherford is a classically beautiful hotel located in the heart of downtown Flagstaff. Built in 1900 the architecture is beautifully southwestern and welcoming. Inside is Charley’s restaurant and three different bars on different level all with unique themes and vibes. The owners have done an amazing job upkeeping the property and restoring historical aspects. Fun fact the bar in the third floor “Zane Grey Room” is the same bar that Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earpp drank whiskey in Tombstone during the time of the gunfight at the OK corral, so if you have a drink at that bar you are drinking in the same spot as the famous lawmen. The pros are beautiful rooms and being in the heart of downtown. The only con is it may be a little noisy outside depending on time of week and year.

Marriott Residence Inn Minutes to us: 2 walking

The Marriott Residence Inn is the perfect hotel for the perfect time in the perfect location. Opened just two years ago the owners saw a need for the hotel after the silencing of the train horn in 2012. This hotel has everything. It is beautiful, clean, in the heart of downtown, and simply perfect. The only con is all the perfection comes with a price, don’t hold your breath for a discount and book early as they sell out nightly from May-October.