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Best Flagstaff, AZ, Restaurants

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Not only does Flagstaff provide visitors with panoramic views of scenic Arizona, but it also offers a wide variety of delicious cuisine! With their dedication to local ingredients and vibrant flavors, some of the best restaurants in Flagstaff have put themselves on the map in recent years. Discover some of our favorites with our downtown Flagstaff restaurant guide below!

Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar

Minutes to us: 10 walking, 6 driving

Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar opened in Flagstaff, Arizona’s Historic Carriage House during the spring of 2006. Local, regional, national, and worldwide acclaim soon followed. 

Blackbart’s Steakhouse

Minutes to us: 12 driving

Singing and dancing make everything taste better! Blackbart’s is fun for everyone, kids and adults. Good food, rv camping, and large open seating allows for a good meal in a timely manner. The singing and dancing is just enough where it is enjoyable without being the only thing that is going on. Guests are able to have a conversation while enjoying the show.

Coppa Cafe

Minutes to us: 6 driving

Husband and wife team Bryan and Paola have built a delicious cozy personal spot just outside of downtown Flagstaff. With delicious food that always has a story and method behind the creation.

Tourist Home Urban Market

Minutes to us: 6 walking

Tourist home is a deli style market with a super cute and classy vibe. The food is delicious but the real gem is the pastry case! Stocked and changing daily the Tourist home is a great place to stop a few times to check out what treats are on deck today.


Minutes to us: 4 walking

Nomads was built to be a home for those away from home. Built by true free spirits their passion for music and travel is obvious when you walk in and feel immediately comfortable and in common with those around you. Delicious food and conversation is guaranteed during an evening at Nomads, a great place for world travelers to connect.

BigFoot BBQ

Minutes to us: 4 walking

BigFoot is located in the basement of the downtown shops. It can be frustrating because you smell it all through downtown but can’t see it until you are in it. For those lucky enough to complete the journey you will be rewarded with delicious bbq, ribs, and comfort food in a setting with peanuts on the flood and kids laughing. Pro tip, try the fried pickles.

Diablo Burger

Minutes to us: 4 walking

Diablo has been hailed as one of the best burgers in the world. Made with their famous beef from the Diablo ranches in Grand Canyon they serve it rare on an english muffin. If you are into a meaty burger that is top quality and seriously prepared to honor the animals and the meat then Diablo is the burger for you.

Collins Irish Pub and Grill

Minutes to us: 3 walking

Collins has been a mainstay in downtown Flagstaff since you went to NAU in the 90’s although it has grown up and matured along with the rest of us. No longer a smoke filled bar with dollar bills stapled to the wall, Collins is a classy and delicious Irish pub and restaurant with plenty of games and tv’s to make sure the whole family is entertained.


Minutes to us: 2 walking

Charly’s is a delicious southwest menu in a classical historic setting. Located in the Weatherford Hotel looking around at the nic-nacs and pictures is cool in itself. Our personal favorite is the Navajo taco any time of day. The best personal touch is a dish of peaches and cream with every breakfast, a memorable treat for everyone.


Minutes to us: 4 walking

The Non-Stop-Noodle-Shop is a Flagstaff original and unlike anything else. Sosoba has a small menu because they figured out what was awesome and decided to do that, and it’s all delicious. They have a great patio is you can get a seat and the secret of the pro’s is the fried cauliflower, it’s ridiculously good and I don’t like cauliflower.