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Bars & Breweries in Flagstaff, AZ

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Flagstaff’s bars and breweries have something for everyone! Boasting everything from laid-back local brewing companies to classy cocktail lounges, the city is quickly becoming known for more than just its outdoor offerings. Discover several of Flagstaff’s premier breweries on the Flagstaff Brewery Trail, or sit back and sip on wine tastings at one of the many downtown Flagstaff bars. Check out our list of the best breweries and bars in Flagstaff below!

Mother Road Brewing Co.

Minutes to us: 4 walking

Mother Road has been around for a little over 6 years and they have been fast to mature. Located in the old electric plant downtown these guys have a patio that rivals most. With live music and open fire places this is a great way to drink away an afternoon. When you are hungry look on the table for one of the local restaurant menu’s and they will deliver your food right to your table, awesome answer for food in a limited space brewery.

Lumberyard Tap Room and Grille

Minutes to us: 5 walking

The Lumberyard is an awesome mix of living history and great food. Located in a retrofit lumberyard which was the lifeblood of Flagstaff for 100 years these guys crank out a ton of delicious food and beer for consumption on site but they also have a full scale canning operation in the back. Keep an eye on their calendar because there are dancing events, brewing classes, and more community based activities throughout the year.

Wanderlust Brewing Company

Minutes to us: 10 minute drive

Wanderlust is a great local brewery which focuses on varieties of hefeweizen in delicious brews. Outside of downtown the crowd tends to be a little more local into the hang. Most weekend nights there is at least one food truck hanging around the parking lot and there are always games of cornhole being played out front. A great brewery for the aficionado.

Historic Brewing Company

Minutes to us: 8 walking

Historic Brewing Company is tucked away in the corner on South San Francisco St. A nice seating area during the right time of day can be relaxing. If you are into it there is a room above the brewery you can rent on AirBnB.

Beaver Street Brewery

Minutes to us: 4 walking

Beaver Street Brewery is a tried and true great all around American brewery and restaurant. Our personal favorite is the Brambleberry Beer, a light English Ale with a raspberry back flavor. You feel like a chick ordering it but it’s a great sessionable beer.  If you want an adult atmosphere in the evening check out Brews ‘n Cues which is their over 21 pool hall, also featuring their full menu of food and beer.

Dark Sky Brewing Company

Minutes to us: 1 walking

Dark Sky is one of the younger breweries in Flagstaff but don’t hold that against them. DSB as the locals call it has quickly become an awesome spot to hang out. With dart boards, events, movie screens, comfortable seating and now featuring Pizzicletta pizza Dark Sky is simply awesome!

Dark Sky is a small batch brewery which has two results. First, they are not afraid of any recipe so they may have some really creative off the wall beers you can’t find anywhere else. Second is exactly that, you may have the best beer of your life but you better order two because there is no guarantee it will ever be back again! Oh the pressure of great beer!

Flagstaff Brewing Company

Minutes to us: 5 walking

“Flag Brew” as the locals call it sits in the absolute heart of Historic downtown Flagstaff. With food, beer, and live music the potential for a perfect afternoon is high. Flag Brew has the best patio downtown with shady seating and excellent people watching.

The Annex Cocktail Lounge

Minutes to us: 6 walking

The Annex is a low key secret of the pro’s. With better than good food at not break neck prices and amazing hand crafted cocktails the Annex makes for a classy evening. When the weather is right the courtyard is open with the sounds of laughter, games and genuine good times pouring into the night.

Museum Club

Minutes to us: 10 driving

“The Zoo” as the local call it is one of the most historical bars on Rt. 66. Known for great country bands and dime beer nights the Zoo can easily become exactly that. Located about 10 minutes from downtown its an easy decision to Uber and have a great time.

FLG Terrier

Minutes to us: 4 walking

“If it were a snake it would have bit ya!” a little hard to find Terrier is definitely worth the journey. With beautiful window seating on the second floor above the street makes for awesome people watching from above along with a quiet classy environment. A nice date place to play board games and get to know people.

Vino Loco

Minutes to us: 3 walking

Located next to Hops this makes a great balance for the wine drinker in the group while also appeasing the beer savages next door. A casual tasting environment and knowledgeable staff will definitely leave you with a glass or bottle of something you will be smiling about.

Hops on Birch

Minutes to us: 3 walking

Hops is a beer lovers paradise. They have well over 25 taps but their strength lies in their curation of the taps. You won’t find the common spread here, these guys put in time to ensure a great spread of beer so you can get anywhere from a PRB to a crazy Tripple IPA and everything in between. Live music often and dogs friendly always.


Minutes to us: 2 walking

Blends is the perfect Tinder date. Guests are served 3-5 different base varietals of wine along with graduated cylinders and pipettes then mix and match your wine into your own personal blend! Make it a competition to see who’s tastes best or come up with a blend together and they will bottle it with your face on the label. Super fun!

Zane Grey

Minutes to us: 1 walking

The Zane Grey is a must for fans of wild west history. Overlooking downtown is a great view but the magic is behind the bar. The barback is the original bar from the Arizona Liquor Company in Tombstone, AZ and is the same bar that Wyatt Earpp and crew bellied up for drinks after a long day keeping law and order on the frontier. This room is truly magical to those who care to look…

Uptown Pubhouse and Pool Hall

Minutes to us: 2 walking

Pool and whiskey lovers look no further. This large space is perfect for the multitude of tables and seemingly mile long bar with over 25 taps, including the only place to find root beer on tap! They make sure to have great whiskey on hand with stories to match, if that’s your thing you may easily spend a few hours making friends at Uptown.

Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge

Minutes to us: 3 walking

Best. Dive. Bar. Ever. with low ceilings, shots of whiskey and punk rock bands the V as the locals call it is definitely worth a peek. Beware there are a few spirits of past bank robbers and prostitutes that also frequent the premises, but it’s nothing a few shots or PBR’s can’t take care of!


Minutes to us: 3 walking

Rendezvous is the classy cousin to the cocktail lounge in the Monte Vista. Big windows on the street make a great people watching date destination. If your flavor is hand muddled mojitos or whiskey chai this spot is for you!


Minutes to us: 1 walking

Pay-N-Take is the epitome of a locals hang, without the attitude of grumpy locals. If there is a world cup game or tour de france race you can bet it will be on at PNT!