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Flagstaff Things to Do

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Flagstaff, AZ, boasts some of the most spectacular outdoor travel destinations in the world! Visit the majestic Grand Canyon, admire the stars from the Lowell Observatory, or ski down powder-covered slopes at the Arizona Snowbowl. Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend trip or a longer stay, you are sure to enjoy all that this stunning location has to offer. See below for a selection of the ten best things to do in Flagstaff this weekend!

AZ Segway and Pedal Tours

Distance from us: 0 minutes

Proudly located in the Grand Circle Outpost AZ Segway and Pedal Tours has become known as “probably the best tours in the world!” A perfect pairing of interesting tour and a fun way to do it these tours are guaranteed to be the highlight of any trip. Parents will become hero’s to the traveling kids that have been dragged to museums and parks when they get to experience the Segway PT. They do not set a minimum age and all tours come with free riding time to really give the Segways a ride. These tours are not cheap but they are worth every penny. 

North Pole Experience

Minutes to us: 15 driving

This is truly an experience. You meet at Little America and a NPE coach bus picks up an entire group and transports you to the North Pole! When you exit the bus you enter into Santa’s workshop where kids meet and build toys with elve’s while enjoying snacks and meeting Santa. This has the potential to be a magical evening especially if there is snow in the forecast!

Grand Canyon

Minutes to us: 120 driving

This breathtaking wonder of the world is located just north of flagstaff. Historically it has been a site to remember, as many people have come to its edge to gase they are awestruck by the largest gorge in North America, witch makes even the mighty Colorado river at the bottom look small. With lodging, food, shopping, wildlife and hiking the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is an easy day trip from flagstaff.


Minutes to us: 30 driving

Bearizona is ridiculously cool for young people and old alike. You start by driving through the wildlife park which is really cool in itself. Then it leads you to the visitor center with many more exhibits, food, souvenirs, and shady places to sit. You can take as much time as you like while you check out the bear cubs, otters, porcupines, and many other forest dwelling creatures.

Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend

Minutes to us: 120 driving

These two spots are a must have for anyone looking to build legitimate Instagram or FaceBook travel credibility. These two natural wonders are only a few miles apart and look like no place else in the world. Horseshoe Bend is a quick stop on the side of the road for a pic while Antelope Canyon requires guided tours with reservations. Side note, this is an all day event from the time you leave Flagstaff until you return.

Meteor Crater

Minutes to us: 40 driving

The Earth has been hit by meteors throughout time. Some have had larger impacts than others. We happen to live next to the largest intact impact zone in North America! This impressive hole sits in the middle of the desert and is truly impressive. Not only from a physical perspective but also the site has fascinating stories of lost fortune and madness in search of the original space rock that made the site!

Mountain Bike Course

Minutes to us: 15 driving

Whether you are an experienced mountain biker or just get out when you can the Mountain Bike Course has something for everyone. The course itself is next to the Flagstaff Urban Trail System and can be a great option for more leisurely riding nearby.

Arizona Snowbowl

Minutes to us: 30 driving

The Arizona Snowbowl is a four seasons resort with skiing and snowboarding in the Fall and Winter and a full range of activities in the Spring and Summer. The sky-ride is breathtaking and the lodge is open to serve food with games and activities starting in and around the lodge. In the fall the drive up the mountain is amazing with the changing Aspen leaves and wildlife.

Walnut Canyon

Minutes to us: 15 driving

Walnut Canyon is a real-life hands on experience to see what early first nations people’s lives were like in this area. Once you go through the visitor center you walk along a trial (about 300 stairs are involved) that winds in and out of ancient dwellings. The smoke stains on the ceiling and walls make it all too easy to picture yourself sitting along the cliff dealing with daily challenges of life in this primitive setting, extremely cool!

Lava Tubes

Is spelunking your thing? Whether this is your first cave or 100th, if your choose to enter the Lava Tubes you are sure to leave with a smile. After a short scramble to get into the cave it opens into a larger cavern that continues for just over a mile. Just when you think you have gotten to the end you will notice a small crevice that continues a bit further but quickly becomes impassable. We don’t want to spoil all the surprises but be sure to bring a headlamp and gloves can be useful as well.

Lowell Observatory

Minutes to us: 3 driving

This observatory is set majestically overlooking flagstaff and is a must see for all visitors. Astronomy has always been a common focus in Flagstaff ranging from exploring for life on Mars, the discovery of Pluto, and the training of the Apollo astronauts. Lowell Observatory has an excellent range of information that is entertaining for all ages.