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Things to Do in Flagstaff with Kids

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Traveling with the whole family and looking for what to do with kids? Flagstaff offers plenty of attractions for kids that guests of all ages are sure to enjoy. Show off your mountain biking skills, challenge yourself to a ropes course, or take one of our very own AZ Segway and Pedal Tours! Check out all the exciting things to do in Flagstaff with kids in the list below.

Harkins Theatre

Distance from us: 15 minute drive

Harkins Theatre is a 12 screen movie complex located on the east side of town near the Flagstaff Mall. 

Jay Lively Activity Center

Distance from us: 8 minute drive

Jay Lively Activity Center is the local ice rink. They have public skating hours year round that fluctuate with the season. Check their calendar to find public skating times. The overall facility is nice and there are vending machines for snacks.

Flagstaff Mountain Bike Course

Distance from us: 12 minutes driving

Located in the Ft. Tuthill county park the Mountain Bike course is full of ramps, jumps and different obstacles. It is fun for all ages but comes with the prerequisite of being able to ride a bike. If you need a bike you can rent one there or come down and rent one at the Grand Circle Outpost.

FlagTag AZ

Distance from us: 10 minute drive

Laser tag, archery tag, axe throwing, and arcade games. Located off old rt. 66 FlagTagAZ is fun for the whole family. Ages 16 and up are allowed to participate in axe throwing but the rest of activities are available for all ages. The laser tag is a good system and a legitimate fun experience. The archery is fun but best for the 12 and up range as they have to draw back the bow to shoot. Axe throwing is awesome, and arcade games are a staple. They also offer pizza and snacks for sale on site at the concession area.

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course

Distance from us: 12 minute drive

Located at Ft. Tuthill county park Flagstaff Extreme is a challenge course in the trees. The course includes obstacles, safety harnesses, and a great training at the beginning. This unique experience is good for all ages but best for the daring and adventure type. Lots of people dig the course but there are some that find it a little too much, so just beware some of the timid people in the group may want to pass. Our pro tip is to pack a lunch and make an afternoon out of it. They do not set a time limit to finish the course and there is an opportunity to get out of the trees and walk around in the middle.

AZ Segway and Pedal Tours

Distance from us: 0 minutes

Proudly located in the Grand Circle Outpost AZ Segway and Pedal Tours has become known as “probably the best tours in the world!” A perfect pairing of interesting tour and a fun way to do it these tours are guaranteed to be the highlight of any trip. Parents will become hero’s to the traveling kids that have been dragged to museums and parks when they get to experience the Segway PT. They do not set a minimum age and all tours come with free riding time to really give the Segways a ride. These tours are not cheap but they are worth every penny.